Water Slides

Wave Slide

$ 319

This 19' wave slide is perfect for both kids AND adults! Slide down the front and ZOOM around the corner into a splash landing for a refreshing finish. The main difference between this and our Pool Slide is the bottom doesn't have a standing pool. There's still plenty of water and this is a pretty fast ride! (Can also be rented as a DRY slide for $279).

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Water Slide Rental

Pool Slide

$ 319

This is an awesome unit! This inflatable water slide stands an incredible 18′ tall, it’s 35′ long and boasts a huge square pool! Fill the pool, connect the hose for mist and enjoy all day. Good for kids to adults! Remember, we offer FREE delivery on inflatable bounce houses and water slides to all of mid-MO including Columbia, Ashland and Jefferson City!

Ocean Slide

$ 269

Sometimes our large slides are intimidating for younger kids. This slide is great for kids under 10yrs old and a great way to keep those little ones busy all day! It features a rear-climb slide, a 9' platform with a shorter drop and a small pool landing. **not for kids older than 10(ish). Call with questions**

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Dual Lane Tropical Slip n’ Slide

$ 299

Bring on the FUN! This is 36' of raging waterworks. Participants run and dive down one of the two lanes and scream down the slide to a splash landing. Just as fun as any water slide and MORE interactive! A mist hose runs above the unit and keeps everyone wet and cool. Sure to be a huge hit!

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