Interactive Inflatables


$699 for 2 hours. $899 for 4 hours. $999 for 6 hours.
This is the latest and greatest interactive game in the Amusement industry. WIPEOUT! is taking the amusement rental industry by storm! The object is to have 6 participants competing to be the last man standing. The padded arm moves around in a circle and the competitors try to jump over the arm. The unlucky ones get knocked down onto the safety of the 33' wide inflatable pad. This is an extremely exciting inflatable game that keeps competitors on edge! Rockin' Rents is the ONLY company in Missouri to have this item in their rental fleet. Great for ages 10+. Includes a fully-insured Rockin' Rents staff member the entirety of the rental to operate safely.

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Dual Lane Bungee Run

$ 389

Two participants line up for a one-on-one race down this inflatable bungee run! The objective? Attaching a Velcro beanbag the farthest on the center dividing wall. The real fun is watching contestants fly back to the starting line! Great for all ages.

Inflatable Jousting

Gladiator Joust

$ 389

This is sure to be a huge hit! It features a 21′ x 25′ fully padded base plus padded head gear and soft foam joust sticks. Battle your opponent and see who is last standing!

Basketball Party Bounce House

Hoop Shots

$ 250

This basketball inflatable rocks! It’s 20′ wide, 20′ long and 16′ tall. You can have some serious fun with this one… it’s perfect for large events or even block parties, plus it comes with 10 mini basketballs!

Inflatable Bungee Run

Bungee Run Basketball

$ 389

Forget the regular bungee run, this unit is awesome! Two opponents fight an epic battle to see who can score first! It’s the same as a standard bungee run but with a fantastic sports twist. Great for kids ages 8 up to adults! It comes with vests, harnesses and basketballs.