Combo Units

Excalibur 4in1 Combo

$ 249

This Excalibur themed combo is great for all ages. It's got a large bounce floor, a basketball hoop, a climb through section and of course a slide! It can accommodate up to 8 kids at once and is easily monitored with full mesh walls.

Dual Lane Balloon Combo

$ 249

This unit is great for both birthday parties AND larger events. It's got a colorful balloon theme, a 14'x15' bounce floor and a large dual lane slide for added fun! Great for younger kids and up to teens. Holds 8-10 kids at once and stands about 20' tall.

Pink & Purple Combo

$ 249

Similar to our 3in1 Combo, this unit is great for all age ranges. It's got more traditional soft colors and you can't forget about the extra slide for added benefit. It's got a 14'x15' bounce floor and stands about 20' tall.

Inflatable Bounce House Combo

3in1 Combo

$ 249

This 3-in-1 combo is perfect for all ages! It has a 13′x13′ bounce floor, a basketball hoop and a slide. It’s perfect for 6-8 kids at a time and is sure to be a hit! This is better if you've got older kids all the way up to adults.

Bouncer Bot

$ 219

The Bouncer Bot is SUPER popular! It features a 13′x13′ bounce floor with two slides that extend down about 5′. It stands a huge 18′ tall and it can hold 6-8 kids and adults. The perfect age is 2-10yrs. No water allowed.